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Some of our partners, significant companies in the market; gifts with major technological innovations.

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  • marcador Software Development
  • marcador Dielectric and Microstrip Antennas
  • marcador Biomaterials
  • marcador Electromagnetic Shielding
  • marcador Fiber Optic Components
  • marcador Planar Optical Components
  • marcador Amorphous Materials and Vitreous
  • marcador Dielectric , Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric materials and Devices
  • marcador Materials and Components Based in ferrites
  • marcador Microwave Materials and Components
  • marcador RFID
  • marcador Electromagnetic Identification
  • marcador Capacitive Sensors and Resistive
  • marcador Optical Sensors
  • marcador Glass and Ceramics for Shielding
  • marcador Optical glasses and Heavy Metals
  • marcador Dielectric Resonators and Ferrites